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Ejaculation Volume


Ways To Increase Ejaculation

Things can turn extremely embarrassing for you if you dribble just a few drops of semen during intercourse. Not only women consider larger volume of semen a symbol of male sexual prowess and virility but more ejaculate can also help enhance pleasure during ejaculation. However, there are some natural waysRead More

Stronger Ejaculation

Most men want to achieve stronger ejaculations. They want to finish off just like the stars do in adult movies, but the sad thing is that most men don’t know how to do it. They seem to resign themselves to a sex life of ever decreasing virility with each passingRead More

Pain During Ejaculation

Squirting orgasms (Also known as female ejaculation orgasms) are the most pleasurable orgasms women can haveā€¦ most of the time! However, due to poor technique or their guy accidentally hitting a sensitive area, these orgasms can get so unpleasant that she never wants to have one again. In this article,Read More

No Ejaculation

It is a sad fact that surveys about ejaculation show us that the average man in the USA comes in about 7 minutes in intercourse. So about 50% of men come in less time! Most women need at least 30 to 60 minutes of intercourse to really get in theirRead More

Multiple Ejaculation

Men can prove their manhood by having the ability to have multiple ejaculations. Men who have the ability to release bigger loads are hot favorite among women as they are a perfect symbol of manhood and vitality. Women love them. Every woman wants to have a sex partner who canRead More

Male Ejaculation

Many students learn about the male organ in sex education classes, but these classes fail to teach all the facts about seminal fluid, ejaculation, and semen quality, including whether or not it’s linked to greater sexual pleasure. So, in order to fill in the gaps and pick-up where school leftRead More

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