Controlling Ejaculation

Controlling Ejaculation

Controlling ejaculation may not be easy for some, but there are other men who have been successful in solving their problems with premature ejaculation, without having to resort to pills, lotions and procedures. Some men just have that enough discipline and control over the body. So before you rush into buying products that claim to help control ejaculation, why don’t you try doing the natural ways first? If it doesn’t work, then those other options are just around the corner.

Controlling arousal

It’s really all about control. You know if you really care about your girl and her happiness, you should give her a near-perfect sexual performance that will leave her fully satisfied. You know that the penis starts to erect when you are sexually aroused, right? If you think it’s not yet time for that, then find ways to slow down or stop that excitement. Same thing is true when sensations begin to fill in your erected organ. These sensations slowly trigger ejaculation. Minimize those sensations so that both you and your partner will reach the climax together.

Controlling Ejaculation

When you are controlling arousal, it goes to say that you are also controlling ejaculation and this is somehow more effective than those premature ejaculation pills and products in today’s market. One way to control arousal is doing it mentally. Don’t focus on just the sex because that will only leave an impression in your brain that you are just doing this to get through. Whereas, if you think of it as a sexual bonding experience with your partner, you will be constantly reminded to not only satisfy yourself but your partner as well. Another thing that you can do is to post mental images that will help control or stop ejaculation.

Physical control

There are these things called PC muscles or ejaculatory muscles in your nether regions that can actually control ejaculation physically. It’s also what you are using to control urination if there’s no opportunity to take a piss. It’s what you use to hold off your pee. Some sex therapists encourage controlling these muscles to prevent early ejaculation but warns not to use them in controlling urination because that will lead to serious urinary tract problems.

Controlling Ejaculation

One more thing you can do with physical control of arousal is to go with sexual positions that decreases pressure on the penis. Less pressure means less sensation and less blood rushing in to the organ. That leads to less chances of premature ejaculation. Experts say that the doggy-style and the woman-on-top positions are those that involve less pressure and sensation to the penis especially its head.

Reducing outer stimulation

Most stimulation occurs through touch or physical contact like when you are caressing the organ, stroking the breasts, making friction with the skin and others. Controlling ejaculation is possible if you know when to minimize the stimuli, factors and the sensation right until it’s about time to do so. Aside from touch, sight also plays a big part in sexual stimulation. That’s why others tend to close their eyes and think blank whenever they are on the verge of ejaculating and it’s not yet time.

If this works for you, then you don’t have to dish out money for pills or pay your physician for professional advice. It’s also great to know you have that good control over your body.

If it doesn’t work, you still have other options to take.

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