Increase Ejaculation Size

Increase Ejaculation Size

Men, we all have our own concerns when it comes to the matters of conceiving and childbirth, we need to be very wary of our fertility rate. It is best to follow a few basic guidelines, for example, avoiding hot showers and baths, limiting the consumption of alcohol, staying away from junk food and adopting a balanced diet. Smoking is another evil that can affect your sperm count indirectly. A Cigarette consists of over 4000 chemicals that are released inside your body, with 400 of them being highly poisonous. You definitely wouldn’t want all of them passed on to your semen and onto your child.

You must not sit at the same place for very long periods or overdo your workouts, as all this can heat up the testicles and significantly decreased the sperm mobility. Driving for long distances is also indirectly related to the sperm quality.

The male scrotum is made in such a manner that it helps keeping the testicles protected from uneven temperatures, increasing or decreasing them in the body appropriately, depending on the external temperature. This is what we meant when we advised against the hot baths to Increase Ejaculation Size.

Wearing loose boxers is another method to keep the groin area at a comfortable temperature. If you’re technology savvy, you must take care that you don’t keep your laptop on your groin area for long hours as it can get heated and affect your semen quality and Increase Ejaculation Size.

Increase Ejaculation Size

A lot of doctors suggest consumption of multivitamins that help in the increase of semen volume as well as makeup for the diet deficiencies. There are several pills available to increase semen volume but we suggest that you consult your nearest fertility clinic or doctor as any such pills may have a serious impact on the quality of your semen. You must also be very careful while you employ lubricants during sexual intercourse. A large number of them are known to cause serious damage to semen quality. Most of the lubricants available in the market are spermicidal, that means they have the capability to kill sperms. Thus, you must choose only those lubricants which are non spermicidal in nature of Increase Ejaculation Size.

Increase Ejaculation Size

Although Love is in the air and the act of making love is necessary for the matters of childbirth, too much of anything is never good. You must not go overboard on your sex routine, to the extent that it depletes the quality of your semen. Once a day or every alternate day is good enough to maintain your lust and libido!

There aren’t many websites that are serious about the issues of male fertility, increase in the semen count and sperm mobility. It must be understood that fertility rate and childbirth is as serious an issue with men as it is with women. As much as 40% of the cases related to fertility problems have their origin in male partner.

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