Increase Ejaculation

Increase Ejaculation

Have you ever wondered why a lot of couples say that women have difficulties ejaculating/ having squirting orgasms? In theory a squirting orgasm is relatively easy to do, however the reality is often a lot trickier as there are a lot of factors that couples forget about that make the chances that a woman will have a squirting orgasm increase or decrease to Increase Ejaculation.

1. Kegel Muscle Strength

Many guys make the mistake that they and they alone are responsible for whether she has an orgasm or not. This is one of the most important beliefs for guys to get out of their heads. In fact the reality is very different, while male technique can have a huge effect on whether she orgasms or not, sex is a cooperative venture not a chance for you to show off Increase Ejaculation

The woman’s role is also very important as she can increase the chances of having an orgasm by spending some time increasing the power of her Kegel contractions. These wonderful exercises (Often called Kegel exercises) can be easily performed by simply contracting the muscles in the same way that you would if you wanted to stop the pee coming out while you are urinating. The advantages for her are myriad as she can enjoy a lot more control over her orgasms and orgasm process, allowing both of you to work together for the ultimate orgasm to Increase Ejaculation.

2. Male Technique

For men, practicing the motion every time you have sex will make you a master in no time. The motion for a squirting orgasm has two sections. The first section is when you gently stroke the G-spot using your fingers to help her get used to the motion and feel turned on. As she gets wetter he will want to increase the power of the motion, using his arm to create a whip-like motion that will give her the intensity needed to ejaculate to.

Increase Ejaculation

3. The Process Oriented Mindset!

Increase Ejaculation

This is often the most important thing, but so many couples forget it that I am going to state it again: the orgasm can`t be the only goal during sex. It can reach extremes in some couples as they work towards the squirting orgasm at the expense of just enjoying sex and having fun exploring each other`s bodies. Therefore it is best to adopt what is often known as a Process Oriented Mindset. Basically what this means is that you look at sex as a process and don`t become obsessed with the orgasmic goal. Once you start to do this, you will find that you enjoy sex a lot more and that naturally leads to more orgasms of Increase Ejaculation.

Squirting Orgasm Technique

The key to giving her a squirting orgasm is to make sure that all the foundations are in place, so that when you start caressing her, there won`t be anything holding her back. The best part is that it only takes one, as once she has her first ejaculation orgasm, each following orgasm gets easier for her to have. Once you have those techniques down you will soon find that giving her an orgasm every time you have sex is possible. After that you will soon be able to experiment with some of the advanced squirting orgasm techniques and make her say `I’ve never done that before` virtually every session.

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