No Ejaculation

No Ejaculation

It is a sad fact that surveys about ejaculation show us that the average man in the USA comes in about 7 minutes in intercourse.

So about 50% of men come in less time! Most women need at least 30 to 60 minutes of intercourse to really get in their orgasmic energy. Women have the potential to have waves and waves of orgasms that can go on for hours.

Why do men come so quick? I feel it is a habit they got when masturbating in the teems. I you ask men how long they take when they masturbate, most tell me about 5 minutes or less.

Most men have masturbated thousands of times and some for more than once a day for years.

Our body learns energetic habits to come very quick. It can be hard to change habits that took years of practice. However you can with a little practice make a big difference.

I feel that many women nag and criticize men for them not taking them deep into their sexuality. This could be on a unconscious level for many. All women know deep down that belly can have amazing sexual experiences. Imaging you are a women. Would you not be pissed of at your man if he came too soon.

So what can you do about premature ejaculation. I am a qualified sexologist and I usually tell my clients to do some exercises at home. I also teach men to have orgasms without ejaculation or loss of energy.

Some things you can try when masturbating to help overcome ejaculation are as follows.

No Ejaculation

Open our eyes when masturbating and making love. Become present in the connection with your partner and not just in your head or in a fantasy. The eyes connect you with your lover.
Slow down your stimulation in masturbation or lovemaking. Most women like slow and deep in sex. Put your attention in your body and its energy.
Breath deeper into your belly. Try this as it really helps move the energy in our body.
Relax your buttocks and they get tight before you come. Check to see where you are tightening up and relax this area.
Make sounds when you masturbate. This moves the energy out of the pelvic area. Your lover can also get off in the erotic energy transfer.

Try these steps when masturbating and the next time you make love. Make a commitment to change this old habit of coming too soon. I suggest to practice the above tips over the coming weeks. It is a good feeling when your lover tells you that you are a great lover.

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