Pain During Ejaculation

Pain During Ejaculation

Squirting orgasms (Also known as female ejaculation orgasms) are the most pleasurable orgasms women can have… most of the time! However, due to poor technique or their guy accidentally hitting a sensitive area, these orgasms can get so unpleasant that she never wants to have one again. In this article, we look at the common problems that women have and how to change your technique slightly to guarantee her less pain.

Where Does The Pain During a Squirting Orgasm Come From?

The major problems that most guys have is either going too fast or hitting the wrong area during the squirting orgasm. The good news is that both of these problems are easily solved with a little changing of technique

Common Problem During Female Ejaculation 1: Hitting the Frenulum by Mistake

The frenulum (Also known by the regal-sounding name the fourchette!) probably the most frequently forgotten about erogenous zone. This zone is located between the bottom of the vaginal opening and the anal opening, and often is an area with slightly darker-colored skin. This area is surprisingly sensitive and that this the problem, its location makes it easy to be hit with a clumsy knuckle or scratched with a nail.

Pain During Ejaculation

To guarantee that the only thing this area gets used for during foreplay is pleasure, you can slightly change your squirting orgasm technique. Instead of using the index and middle fingers to bring her to orgasm, use the ring and middle fingers instead. Using these two fingers makes no difference to the stimulation, but allows you to use your index finger and little finger as a brace to control your motion.

Common Problems during Squirting Orgasm 2: Going too Fast

Pills For Ejaculation

For many guys, a woman being wet, means that she is ready to be penetrated. While this is often true, it may take a while for her to have a squirting orgasm, so you need to make sure that she is really ready for the orgasm before you do it. Therefore, especially with these orgasms, you need to take your time and get her really excited first. This means that guys need to brush up on their foreplay and turning her on techniques.

In addition, guys should get a good lubricant, as, in order to give her a pain-free ejaculation, you really can never use too much lubrication. There are plenty of brands on the market, just make sure that you use something that is suitable for use during sex (It will usually indirectly hint at this on the description on the packet).

More Pleasurable Squirting Orgasms

Making sure that squirting orgasms are always great for her is not that hard, providing that you learn from your mistakes. Your goal as a sex-master should be to make sure that she NEVER has any kind of pain or discomfort from the process and, most important of all, that she never associates pain with sex! By keeping things entirely pleasurable at all times during sex, you will build up the kind of sexual trust and intimacy that is vital for every kind of advanced orgasm.

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